jQuery slider won't load?

Hey everyone.

I paid a student from the local university to do a basic Wordpress template install (http://www.untiedshirt.com) for me but the jQuery slider on the front page seems to be hung and never finishes loading. Naturally I can no longer get a hold of the kid and the developer of the template requires a subscription fee for installation support.

It seems like an easy fix but I’m no code sleuth; if I knew what was wrong I’d be comfortable editing the appropriate file(s). Is there an easy way to bring this up in Firebug or something and determine what the problem is?

Thanks for any help!


No sorry that’s not what I was referring to, I should have been more specific. The central content area uses jQuery slider (slider.js) to display an accordion of posts from Wordpress that have been designated as “featured.”

On my page however only the preloader image ever displays, the rest of the script doesn’t seem to be working correctly. On a proper install even when there aren’t yet any featured posts, accordion arrows will load in the lower left corner showing that the slider is in fact working. I don’t know if the accordion has actually loaded properly but is being hidden by another part of the script or if there’s some other error…

Any thoughts?

If you are referring to the top navigation not scrolling up/down, too me it looks like it has been built just to show/hide the nav without any sort of animation…

Have a look at the following file and you’ll see what i mean: