Wordpress dropdown menu (parent/child) issue


I am adding translated home pages to wordpress and I want it to show as a dropdown when someone hovers over “Home”. Home is used as the static page for a client website.

So, when I add a translated homepage and choose ‘Home’ as the parent, it shows that the translated pages was added (as child of ‘Home’) when looking at the page list in the WP backend but on the frontend these pages does not show up as a dropdown under ‘Home’. The whole dropdown navigation and child/parent thing works everywhere else, except with the Home page.

I’m sure it is a simple thing I am missing but hopefully someone on this forum knows what to do.

I did not post a link because I am not sure I am allowed to. If you ask in your reply, I will post it.

Thanks for your help.



Hi John. It’s fine to post a link. :slight_smile:

Excellent. Thanks. The website is at - starlingbackpackers.co.za : starlingbackpackers.co.za

Hope someone can suggest a solution.



Hey John,

Did a quick search for a link I had used when I was creating custom menus at wordpress.com . here is the link:

Custom Menus « Support — WordPress.com

This setup should work with wordpress.org as well.

Best of Luck and I hope this helps

PS. Don’t forget the click the option to automatically update when a new page is added.