Wordpress cms or make w Node?

I want my website to have more CMS functionality.

I’ve played around w PHP and MySql development and also Node/Express, etc.

I dislike Wordpress platform and development, and I remember it wasn’t too hard to spit out some PHP functions on a website. But why not just do it with Node? I have been meaning to learn more javascript, but I’m wondering if WordPress is just much more practical since all I really want is some blog functionality. Eh, thanks.

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I still like to stick to my server PHP, even though I know JavaScript pretty well. I actually enjoy the differences in the languages and take advantage of combining the two. PHP has an enormous amount of string and array manipulation functions that JavaScript lacks, and make it very handy to build websites with. I thought this article was really interesting:

You could use KeystoneJS CMS, or Ghost if you just want a blog.

Or you could just not have a backend and use Jekyll (Ruby), Hexo (Node), or Hugo (Go). Static site generators will let you build a blog, without needing a backend for your site, since blogs are just static content and a CMS is just for a non-tech users or large teams to update them.

For personal blogs and sites, there’s really no reason to have a backend. For most people, there’s really no reason to even use a static site generator. You host static sites on Github Pages for free, and I believe Github will actually spin up your Jekyll for you and build it automatically (but not the others).

PHP has an enormous amount of string and array manipulation functions that JavaScript lacks

PHP’s only datatype is an Array. JavaScript arrays (and arrays in every other language) are not the same. JS works with JSON objects well, which makes interacting with and building APIs a breeze.

I’m not sure what you mean by the string comment, but I’m sure PHP does nothing special that you can’t do with JS.


Not that you can’t do with JavaScript but PHP has a lot more inbuilt utility functions I think

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That makes sense. JavaScript doesn’t have much of a standard library, but it’s usually easy to find common packages to do what you need.

Yup, was going through some utilities at David Walsh’s blog just earlier: https://davidwalsh.name/essential-javascript-functions

Thanks a lot. Both viewpoints are helpful, Hexo looks good.

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