Non-PHP based CMS?

The market is saturated by PHP based Content Management Systems, but there are tons of non-PHP based options. Does anyone actually use or have used a non-PHP solution for either a professional or private project?

Are you looking for a recommendation for a specific language?

No, I’m just wondering what else is out there there that people have had experience with. I don’t really care about language, other than it not being PHP. I know about a few of the popular ASP.Net based CMSs, but if you’ve used those, then I wouldn’t mind hearing about those as well.

There are others, Ruby and Python for example, but I’ve never used anything but PHP based.

AFAIK @awasson; (though mostly Druplal now) is familliar with MS CMS’s

And I know @ralph_m; knows of some non-db CMS’s but I think those are PHP too.

Yes, the ones I’ve looked at run on PHP, although there’s Jeckyll that runs on Ruby and is quite popular, if a little Geeky.

Plenty of blogs are now run on Ghost, which is built on Node, and I understand that plenty of sites run on Ruby, including their blog—CodePen comes to mind. is still a good choice for blogging and general content management, Perl/Cgi based and generates static HTML pages.

That’s pretty cool, I actually haven’t heard of that one before but it looks like it’s one of the biggest I’ve seen yet.

I’m not really looking for one, so much as just interested in seeing what else there is. Most of the systems I’ve seen are either very small communities or enterprise level.

Yes, Ghost is sort of a breakaway from WordPress, with the aim of returning just to blogging, rather than expanding like WP has done.

With Ruby I’ve used Middleman and Refinery a bit.

ActiveAdmin can do a lot of things that CMS’s do too.

That’s probably why I haven’t heard of it. I really like how WordPress expanded into a full fledged CMS, rather than just a blogging platform.

There’s also Zotonic, written in Erlang.

A friend of mine is one of the contributors of this project :slight_smile:

It’s a very flexible system that is extremely fast.

Don’t forget Mura! :wink:

I use Python almost exclusively. 90% of my sites use Django (much like Rails), but I also use Plone (CMS) and MoinMoin (wiki). If I wasn’t using Python I’d be using Ruby.

@Xangis Yeah, some use Django as either just the web framework or also as a CMS. I keep getting surprised who all is using Plone, Python’s first CMS and using… Zope. Or are you guys using Grok/ 5?

We use Flask/Python as our web framework, but the CMS is part of our backend, which is partially our own stuff and partially part of the TinyERP/OpenERP fork we use, Tryton. So, the graphical user interface is built in Gtk, which while working cross-platform, does not communicate with Microsoft’s MSAA (their accessibility API), so when one of our clients called because they have a blind employee by them, we could only suggest he use a VM with Linux to access the admin/client stuff. Which is sad, until someone decides to either

  • build a bridge between Gtk and MSAA
  • rewrite the client in Qt(5) or something.

wow cool, though I would never have thought Erlang is an appropriate language for stuff like CMSes, fast or not. Most places I’ve seen using Erlang usually pair it with another language like Python to get their mixture of ‘communications/messaging’ and imperative stuff.
… the data model uses ‘edges’, which they call connections between nodes… that sure sounds like graph database stuff! Which would be totally cool.

Erlang is pretty cool. I don’t think I could ever program in it. Functional with side-effects? Sure. Pure?
<gumbie>DOCTOR! My brain hurts.</gumbie>