Wordpress archive.php

Hi all,

This page uses a custom template to display only category 1 posts in the main content area and a custom sidebar to show only category 1 posts in the sidebar’s ‘recent articles’. I have also edited archive.php, so that when ‘archives June 2010’ is clicked, only category 1 posts archives are displayed.

So that all works fine but I have another page which displays only category 3 posts and has a corresponding sidebar3.php.

So I have added an ‘archive3.php’ which will display only category 3 archives but how do I associate the archives links in the sidebar3 of category 3 template page with ‘archive3.php’ instead of archive.php? I want the archives links in sidebar3 to display the archive for category 3 posts but at the moment, clicking ‘archives June 2010’ on my category 3 template page sidebar will display the archive for category 1. :shifty:

any suggestions please??