Custom query for Wordpress help please

I need to display archive post from a specific category with a specific tag and would like to be able to get the permalink to it.

I want to link a string of text to this specific archive post group. I have posts that belongs to a certain category and is tagged with a specific tag. I then have a page that has a link that needs togo to these post. Now, here is the catch. I have numerous pages, 100 plus. Each page has a a string of text that links to another specific tag and category. I was hoping to use archive.php
or tag.php to display all of this and use the permalink to link the text within the page. I really dont want to create a new archive.php or tag.php for each custom query. Is this possible?

I could use the below code, but this obviously would create huge php file.

if( is_page('##') {
    // custom loop

if( is_page('##') {
    // custom loop

Any suggestions or help is appreciated.

Please see