Wont let me post

I’m trying to post but keep getting rejected saying cannot post email or web addresses yet.

not actually putting any of those in so not sure why being rejected.

Help please?

Hi Mandarin and welcome to SitePoint.

PM me the post and I will have a look for you. Start a thread without the code or any type of address and I will post it up for you.


Post the address like this example:

www (.) sitepoint (.) com

Obviously you didn’t read the forum rules :slight_smile:

Not many people read the rules…

Mandarin, you can’t post personal information, so forget about the e-mail address (it is for your own security). Regarding links… well, you can’t post links till you have 5 posts and even then you can’t link to your own site, warez/torrent, adult sites or anything that may be illegal, of course. :wink:

Well done. You must be one of the few that do read the rules :wink:

I have to apologise for this. My interpretation is that you wanted to post your e-mail address, not a phrase that included the words “email addresses”. It is possible that your post was not visible because it went to the moderation queue.

Look it from my point of view… it is always a good moment to post about rules, especially for a new member. As I said, not everyone is as conscious as you are… and most don’t read the rules :lol:

Did actually, as I thought was clear I didn’t post any email addresses or links.

The phrase that was rejected was “a site with 500 email addresses on it”.

In any event, I’ve now had an offer to put the post on the forum for me so no need for anyone else to post about rules.

Did i hurt your feelings? Sorry then, everyone was assuming you were posting links and email addresses