Hi, Can i ask, is it possible in web or does PHP can do the same like the windows that can show Balloon pop-ups in the Sys Tray? this possible to achieve ?

Thank you in advance.


PHP is a server-side language.

The only way it can display anything that looks like a GUI is when you have it interact with the HTML/CSS/JavaScript in a web browser. Even then, whatever you work with is limited to the scope of the browser.

To get anything to interact with the operating system, you will need to use an application language like (but not limited to) C, C++, Java, or C#.

Thank you forceflow :)…can i ask is it possible PHP can communicate to other language like C# or Java ?

Yes, through Services. You can either make a PHP Restful Service and your C#/Java Application can interact with that service.

The desktop application needs to be the one that initiates the interaction, right?
It’d be scary if a website can trigger something to happen on my desktop!

Yes, the desktop application would call out to the Restful service as needed.

Here are a few resources to get you started (the first one is a bit outdated but the second one was published last year)

and another one:

Hi cpradio, Thank you for this links…i will write back if i get in trouble,

Thank you :slight_smile:

You can make pure css popup’s using an a:hover attribute. has a few examples.