Will you upgrade your PC to Windows 8?


i dont know, but i think yes. x-)


I'm a bit old school. I like windows xp. Others may laugh at it, but I just love it. wink


Yeah it is worth it, But If I would upgrade my PC to windows 8 then before upgrading this I'll have to see that is my PC Compatible with that operating System?
If It is then I'll make it immediately but it doesn't then I'll try to upgrade the specifications of my PC first to make Compatible with it.
Anyway is there someone who could lemme know about the minimum requirements of Windows 8?


Any Idea for how long I'll have to wait to see the reviews?


Been thinking a lot about this lately, I'm still on XP and just heard so many people complaining about Vista and 7 never wanted to change, but about to build a new PC and wondering what OS to go with. I'm happy with my Windows phone but then I dread that 8 is going to be a similar experience to updating Office a little while ago from an old one to the newer version with all the menus drop-down (sorry, forget the version names), anyway, I still hate the newer version a couple of years on but kept getting compatibility issues with the old one so feel like I have to keep using it. Trying it out in a store is such an obvious idea I just hadn't thought of...


No, i don't think so, I like XP...


Its funny,because no matter the doubts people will eventually end up upgrading to windows 8. That has been the trend from the past. Unless you are planning to shift to a different OS all together, i say you have no option. And yes i'll upgrade when the time comes


Yes, Its worth to download in the Your personal computer, Windows 8 is really very nice OS and its functionality is so amazing. I'm also downloaded it. So you can also download and enjoy with new windows 8.


im really interested in win8

i have a win7 netbook so i might try it on that, but i think ill try it in virtualbox first smile


I'm not a PC user so, as a developer, I don't have a choice but to buy Windows 8.


does it matter. i use OS to launch adobe suite and browser.
But no, i am not switching away from my mac


I have windows XP on my desktop and windows 7 on my laptop and both are working fine for me so I don't have a plan yet to shift to windows 8.


Hi all,

I like window XP becouse, I think it is faster then window7 or window8.


You think, or you know? Did you try windows 8?


i would try Windows 8, as my friends said its User interface is quite user friendly. However Windows 7 is perfect also and mine favorite.


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