Why Podcast Promotion Is The Fastest Way To Build An Audience

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Podcasting is the next big thing.

We know you’ve heard that mantra more times than you want to admit. You get the point. But do you know why?

Why You Need To Create and Promote A Podcast

The podcasting business is booming. Three years ago, a few major media outlets, including the New York Times, dropped audio. They claimed a lack of audience interest; podcasting looked like a flash in the pan. Smaller outlets kept up their audio engagement, though, as did many former ham radio jockeys and bloggers. Their audience was small, devoted, and steadily grew… but apps were clunky, the listening options were limited, and most devices weren’t podcast friendly.


According to an article on Fast Company, interruptions can actually equal money for business, more advertising space, and yeah – less of an investment than video media. Podcast ads also convert surprisingly well. Best of all, The Washington Post reports that downloads passed the 1 billion mark in August 2014.

If you don’t promote your content, no matter how revved you are to make some cash and an impact on the air, you never will. You’ve got to promote your content to make it visible. Regardless of how many people are ready to listen to you and craving your content, no one will know it exists if it’s never promoted.

Luckily, I’ve got some tips to help you make your podcast a hit.

Using Podcasting Directories To Get More Listeners


Having a podcast is a step in the right direction, but you also need to be heard. Existing isn’t enough. How do you do that?

Getting featured in iTunes

Get featured in iTunes. This used to be much more effective, but it still can land you a lot of new listeners, is free, and has a lasting impact on your podcast. Nice little note for your podcasting resume: “Featured on iTunes” …yeah. You get my drift.

Check out these articles for tips on getting iTunes to love your podcast:

List your podcast in the top directories

Be someplace people can find you. List your podcast in the top directories. Make a list of top directories for your niche, too – some bloggers put together podcast roundups for specific areas. If you find one that matches your podcast, send them a link to your program and ask if they’d consider featuring you. Can’t hurt!

Let’s go over some of our favorite directories here:

  • iTunes – This is by far the largest platform for podcasts. iTunes got into the game back in the day when podcast was synonymous with iPod, and they’ve dominated the field since day one. The benefit? A huge potential audience.
  • Stitcher- This amazing little app drives traffic to your podcast by letting would be listeners search for streaming audio that matches their interests. Writing a top-notch description is key for succeeding here.
  • iHeart Radio – Streaming radio service that tops the list by combining the strategies used by iTunes and Stitcher. They’ve been around a while, and have a large audience with consistently high quality podcasts.
  • Audioboom – Catering to the masses audioBoom lets you monetize your podcast – even through Facebook and Pinterest. This user friendly app is a popular pick for many listeners.
  • SoundCloud – Growing steadily, SoundCloud is a platform that centers on music and audio performance arts. It isn’t right for everyone, but it is a great pick for musicians.
  • TuneIn – With over 4 million audio programs and podcasts and 10,000 radio channels, TuneIn is an audio monster. Make sure you can be found here.
  • MixCloud – Free for listeners, mobile-friendly, and radio centered, this is another platform you can’t afford to skip.

There are hundreds of unique opportunities and strategies to promote your podcast, so don’t limit yourself to what I’m mentioning here. Test everything, and if you come up with a new strategy, test it too! Check out this article on Basic Blog Tips for more info.

For a list of apps and other places you can have your podcast listed, checkout Podcast Places.

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