Why my traffic went down?


Hey there,

the case may be, if you are getting your backlinks from only one particular source (for example article marketing), the articles might have got deindexed after Google Panda. This might have led to a reduced number of BLs pointing to your site.

I always advise people to create backlinks from various sources.

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I agree with Dan Grossman answer. He has given very informatics information about reducing page rank. Just think and focus on this tips.

Google love fresh contents, since topics about iphone growing so fast, I think you need to catch up on that, stay fresh and you will get your rank back.

As google prefer good & fresh contents.So,there will be more visitors & less traffic.It all depends upon the matter how one comment to the thread.

We never know what google has to decide. Same thing happens with most of us.

I also experience dropping a baclink but it happens lately month of August when I do my monthly report. Until now it still dropping from 34 to 15 then now 9… Some people says that its because of Google panda right now… I don’t know if what I am going to do to bring back all my backlinks…

Iphone keyword loose ranking its not up to you
It depends on all iphone related keywords

You need ti chanege the keywords and make it up (new keywords) and then you will have the bether result.

Are you sure of what you are talking about? Change the keyword then you will get a better result ? Common… It is not that easy as you’ve
think. You need to study it first not just automatically change the keyword every time you want it.

Hi Dan,Really agree with You.I suggest to get some authority links for this domain.