Why is Nivo Slider not showing all images?

why is this happening to my website? i only got 4 slides, but for whatever reason there is 4 slides. I am using Nivo slider.

it worked fine in wordpress 3.0 but it breaks in Wordpress 3.3.1.

Not sure what you mean? Can you provide us with a link to whatever issue you are having?

I thought i did, sorry.


I got 4 slides and it shows 8.

Are you using any specific plugin for the slider? I see about 16 options to click on the slider seen in the link you provided. Have you adjusted the settings of the slider plugin? If you aren’t using a plugin, can you provide the code for your HTML?


Is the problem solved? I see 4. Unless you meant you got 8 and see 4.

what was going on is apparently I needed to add more description per each slider. that is what solved the issue.