Need advice with Nivo Slider

The Question / help I am asking for as been asked before but i Can not see any answer for it. So need advice/help with this Nivo Slider. I have 11 images and roughly they are 34K to 50K in size… when running my webpages from my PC and not from my server the slider runs fast with no delays.

Am getting around 9 seconds before the first image is show, after this initialized 9 second period after the load the images run fine.

Have seen this CSS code on net, #slider img{display:block !important} or this , .nivoSlider img:not(:first-child) {display:none;} and both work, and show an image from the start. But and this is the problem, The first image show’s ok, then the second image show’s ok BUT when the third image loads you see the first image until the third as completely loaded… and so on fourth loads but you see the first etc.

am using jquery-1.7.1.min.js and jquery.nivo.slider2.7.1.js

Thanks for any input , andy

Hi Andy. Are you able to post a link?

Try to display less images. If you have to have 11 images, then try decreasing the size.