Why I cannot supress this cell

Hi, can I ask some help I cannot click my delete button properly because I have also script that I can click the table row. when I click the delete button the table row will be trigger how can I only click the button without triggering the table row. ?

  <table class="table table-striped table-hover" id="mytable">



here is my javascript

// main.js

    // do somestuff here

here is how I dynamically create the table row

I am using ajax here and it works fine

for(var i=0;i<data.length;i++){
      $('#mytable tbody tr:last').after('<tr id="'+data['id'][i]+'"><td>'+data['id'][i]+'</td><td>'+data['name'][i]+'</td><td>'+data['lastame'][i]+'</td><td>'+data['age'][i]+'</td><td><button class="btn btn-danger btn-block btn-sm" type="submit">Delete</button></td></tr>');


Here is how I click the button

            // do somestuff here

Thank you in advance.

Hi jemz,

What’s the content of data (just so I can get your code to run)?

Hi pullo thank you for the reply.

here is the data


Thank you in advance

I don’t see a button.del anywhere in your code? I see a btn-danger though.

@James_Hibbard will be able to confirm but I’m guessing you could do it in one function anyway.


		if ($(e.target).hasClass('btn-danger')){
			alert('Button Danger clicked')
			} else{
			alert('Row clicked')	

Is my code correct ? but I think that is correct I don’t know why sometimes if I click the button the row will be trigger, then if I I click again I can click the button…sometimes willl work sometimes not.

Thank you in advance.

there is a class del and I could not edit anymore my post.

Try the code I gave in my example (change the classname accordingly) and then you don’t need to worry about stopping propagation.

If its some other issue then set up a demo (codepen or fiddle) so we can see it in action.

Okay I tested now I changed my code and it seems it’s working. I’ll try to observe this.

Thank you so much :smile:

Yup, that’s more or less what I would have done : )

I must be improving at last :wink:

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