Why I can not download the koala (scss pre-processor)? [SOLVED]

Hi there, I tried a lots to download the koala scss pre-processor from its website, but each time I click on download link, it redirect me to the amazon website!
What is the matter? How can I download it?

Thanks in advanced.

It would appear that the Koala people are using Amazon Cloud Drive to host their files.


So it means I can not use it locally?

Why not?

Actually I could not download it :grin:
Would you please help me a little bit more to how to download it? Or upload it somewhere that I can download it!

Thanks a lot

Do you have some kind of browser plugin or are behind a firewall that blocks downloading exe files?
I can’t think of any reason a browser would not let you download files.
Maybe you need to right-click?

I dont think so, tried with both firefox and google chrome but same result. each time I clicked on download button, it redirected me to www.amazon.com. I am not able to access www.amazon.com/clouddrive, it also redirect me to amazon home page.

Hmmm. Seems odd unless maybe it’s an Amazon “country” thing.

What version do you need?

Finally solved. I found out that amazon forbidden our country to access cloud drive, so by using a program named “Hotspot Shield VPN” I changed my IP address and downloaded it :blush: !

Thanks for spending your time so much.

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