Why don't i get clients?

Hello all,
I been doing freelancing and i don’t get clients. despite scoring in top 10% and other test, i apply like 10-20 jobs and don’t get reply. I don’t know what is wrong. My typical cover letter is like any another, Greetings, then a sort description of my skills and my yrs of experience, then 2-3 links. and ending statement with the availability of being interview on skype.i am a freelance on odesk. Please share some thoughts.

Have you ever asked them why they didn’t respond (or you failed to impress, etc.) with a written follow-up letter/email? There could be a whole host of reasons and it might not be just down to the content of the cover letter.

You cant contact directly with client, asking them why they didn’t responded. they just have option of accepting or declining.

I see you mean it is a like one of those Recruitment Companies where you sign a disclaimer that you don’t contact/approach the client directly only when they; ‘accept’.

So by that reckoning they are just chucking your cover letter straight in the bin - so to speak. This is assuming they haven’t had a bucket load of better offers, etc.

I presume though it is not the only method and intermediary company you are using for freelancing? Still there can be plenty of reasons why they are checking; “decline”.

Albeit let’s assume; the market isn’t saturated, your skills nicely match the post/job, your portfolio fits, and the client hasn’t had any decent web designers wanting the post/task. Then they get your letter correspondence but still refuse to even respond… Then maybe your marketing content, i.e. ‘cover letter’ could be better written?

That is why you really need feedback even if you just send-out the same type of letter to some local firms, etc. Just purely for the ‘content review’ purpose.

I have good feedback. 4.90 rating. Top 10% in wordpress test. But i need to know why is it my jobs r declining

here is my cover letter (one of them)

Hello Hiring Manager,
I am experienced web developer and designer and converted over 500 PSD/AI for different clients. I am well versed with WP, HTML, CSS ,JS , HTML5, CSS3. My turnaround time for this task will be 3-4 days.

My latest project are as follows
www.abc.com (psd to wp)
http://www.xyz.com/ (psd to wp)

I have more project to show you, if you desire. Furthermore i am available by email or skype, shall you desire for a interview. I am available 40 hours a week and can get started right away…Please have a look into my profile for my feedback and comments about me.

Best Regards,

Not sure where you are submitting these, but the grammar and punctuation are not good, which can easily turn people off.

So you think its what setting them off? i hired a person for formatting.she made a good cover letter as she done master in english.still no reply.

Good grammar and punctuation will get you much farther on the consideration test. I would also suggest you do 3? cover letters, sort of an A/B test. Send your more standard cover letter to some jobs. do a second cover letter, the best way I can put this is read a book on self-publishing, the author wrote about how to advertise your book so it stands out from the crowd. Have your other cover letter be the type that stands out.

here is one with good english

Dear Sir/Madame,
My professional background has equipped me with solid practical skills combined with a deep understanding of Joomla, Wordpress, Web Development & Design. I am a Top 10% oDesk Wordpress contractor, with over 4 years’ experience in Wordpress themes, designing, CSS, layout as well as cross-browser compatibility issues. I have developed over 10 Wordpress platforms, and more than 15 websites utilizing various platforms.
My Computer Expertise: Top 10% in oDesk Wordpress online test, HTML, Email Campaign Templates, XHTML, CSS, Wordpress, Joomla, Weebly, Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign, Flash, PHP, MySQL and Google Analytics
My Completed Projects:

Having acquired an Diploma in xyz, I have an excellent track record producing outstanding results and meeting deadlines. I am available to dedicate more than 40 hours a week. Looking forward to hearing from you to discuss this project in detail.


now. what is lacking?

Telling the client what to do :slight_smile: Had an advertising person tell me this summer my ad lacked the Call to Action. And he was right :slight_smile:

I would leave this line out. (I am a Top 10% oDesk Wordpress contractor).

For your A/B test, would go a more hire me approach, Hire me and you are getting someone who is knowledgeable, available, and …


Perhaps also try to focus on what benefit it will bring to the employer to hire you. The employers are not interested in you, but in what benefit there is for them. So perhaps focus explicitly on what they need and how hiring you will best meet that need.

[ot]Your second letter is much better English, though note this:

Having acquired an Diploma in xyz … Looking forward to hearing from you

should be

Having acquired a Diploma in xyz … I look forward to hearing from you

here is profile. do you think, something is wrong with it?


Sorry. have a look now.


It’s still showing the restricted message. :([/FONT]

sorry.the site was taking long enough to see the changes i made.now its visible

The English could use some tidying up. Lines like this won’t help you:

I pride myself in my commendable expertise in creating … cross-browser compatibility issues.

:eek: That actually means that you cause problems. :slight_smile:

Here’s a possible alternative:

I am a skilled web designer, with expertise in front and backend development (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL). I also specialise in a range of content management systems—including WordPress, Magento, Adobe Business Catalyst and Weebly—and can assist with the building, debugging and project management of both new and existing sites. My work includes a dual focus on web standards and opportunities for maximum return on investment for websites and web apps. I am friendly, flexible and proactive, and look forward to working with you on your next project.

This is just something I quickly knocked up and can probably be improved greatly. Perhaps others will help refine it. :slight_smile:

I do wonder, though, if this is the right focus for something like oDesk. What kinds of jobs are typically posted there? If they tend to be small items like a bit of debugging here or a tiny bit of coding here, it might be better to focus on how well you do that sort of thing. I don’t know, as I’m unfamiliar with the site. Just a suggestion / question.

Write a sales pitch cover letter, this is very important the clients to know, how creative you are and how convincing your offer. It’s like selling yourself, if these not work. Submit application all over again and be patience.

patience is that i had been doing but i want to have some reward if not much. how does a sales pitch cover letter differentiate from what i gave above as an example.