Why don't i get clients?

Time and time again on those types of freelance sites people are just looking for cheapest thing they can get. You are at a huge disadvantage on those sites because normally when people from certain other countries bid their bids are considerably less. I would stop relying on sites like that and either look for local work or possibly a full time position. Unless you live in India or some third world country your chances of taking down jobs for reasonable costs are just about nil on those types of sites.

Also, from my understanding you are trying to pitch to business owners and people looking for web related services. Therefore, you need to word everything from the perspective that you are talking to those types of people. The existing wording sounds like something that would only relate to an engineer who knows what the technologies listed are. Most of things said though wouldn’t make any sense to someone who is not in the web industry.

You need to talk more about problems and how they were solved than the technology. Even going as far as discussing how such and such project lead to a increase in revenue, users or how your work ultimately enhanced a clients profits from a business perspective not a technical one.

The short of it is you need to make certain that your cover letter or pitch is properly toned to the type of audience it will be addressing. From the sounds of things this seems like a non-technical crowd or people seeking web solutions for their business. So you need treat everything you say from pitches to email correspondance as such. That is very different than the way you would talk to an engineer.

You need to define keywords that catch the readers attention. You have to give them 3 basic things when they read your profile below points are listed.

first: you must make them feel you are worth the money, So use big words such as Senior, Professional, Elite these words make you sounds better!.
second: make them feel that you can build it all and be able to back it up while still staying with in the realistic.
third: make them feel you are there for them when you need offer such things as 30 days free support, discounts, etc…

I did some changes. have a look , still i don’t think i have a killer profile. i really wanna know. why on earth i don’t get any application reply even after applying for good 15 jobs. not at least one.

To be honest, I don’t appreciate much change between the previous and the new profile… Isn’t skilled mastery a bit redundant? As redudant as WordPress.

If you still want to follow with the same message, I would do a few changes (be aware the English is not my main language, though)

Off Topic:

“Over 5 years mastering in WordPress, Magento , Adobe Business Catalyst, HTML, CSS and other Web Development technologies. I have a deep knowledge of PHP, Weebly, MySQL and cross-browser compatibility issues. My core competencies can be applied to small/medium businesses. I am able to act as a Project Manager in larger developments, too. I am flexible and proactive. I find deep satisfaction in building websites and web apps that maximize the potential of your business and produce superior Return on Investment (ROI)”

At least, it is not that repetitive

What you mean redundant.sorry english isn’t my native language too

redundant = superflous, not needed (in this particular case becuase it sounded a bit repetitive)

The first line is not very good, but the rest is great! :shifty:

Change this:

With over 5 years of skilled mastery in Web Development among others. I am a skilled

to this

With over five years of skilled mastery in Web Development, I am a skilled

Changed the period to a comma. I removed “among others”, too, because it doesn’t mean anything. What do you mean by “others”?

Really, though, I’m not sure I’d say “five years”. It doesn’t sound like much. Let them think it’s longer by not giving a figure.

Glad you found the other changes useful. I wasn’t sure you had even noticed them …

Obviously, I had a cache problem because the text that I read now it is not what I read before… the new one is so much better (and by far better than what I wrote)

i want to suggest you to try at elance and freelancer, to get work at Odesk is very competitive. first of all you have to increase your rating via getting positive reviews and you have to bid low to get projects. try this formula, you will definitely get projects and clients

I have nearly 5 star feedback.i have reasonable hourly rate and i rated top 10% on wordpress exam. I tried elance and on first two jobs i got 5 star feedback and after that jobs didn’t get any.Its worrying that why i am not getting work


Sometimes using the same cover letters to contact the job lister doesn’t work.
Using a more personal approach works much better. Meaning you should take
the time out to inquire about the (actual ) job post.

I see this all the time when we list jobs. I see Freelancers using the same cover
letters to apply for work. Be creative, make a video, or make the copy short
& direct.

Guillermo Mata

yes i write different cover letter for different jobs after reading it.i wonder why am i lacking behind.not a single client reply:confused:

i know ,getting clients on oDesk is not so easy ,i also a oDesk user and faced same problem and not yet solved,now i getting clients just by links and directly going to clients and showing them my proposal.

I have to agree that spelling, grammar and punctuation are vitally important no matter the service you are providing.

I was seeking to hire a second writer this year to assist me and take on the extra work I couldn’t manage as my business grows, but out of the 20 responses I received, only three of them had adequate English standards in their introductory email. 17 of them were immediately deleted if the content of their email was not adequate in language.

Of course, for a writing position this is a considerable factor, but I believe the same will apply to every business when there are so many competing for the same opportunities.

I think you need to see who you are competing with, their pricing and their standards, and you need to match them. Alternatively, you need to spend more time building a brand and creating trust in that brand so that your English skills are less important than your reputation or your abilities.

Ultimately, I think you will either need to build upon your English skills, or work harder in getting your brand and identity out there amongst the right communities so that your English is inconsequential.

Because there are a hundred ways to make free websites

Just my opinion, when I look for a developer I tend to avoid the one that have everything in professional wiring etc. I am looking for someone that is straight to the point and will get my job done quickly and efficiently. You also must be consistent, constantly follow up with clients.

  • Daniel :slight_smile:

how about your price selling? :slight_smile:

Now, I don’t understand this… so you think that someone that takes the time to do things properly and looks professional… will not be better than someone that doesn’t work in his wording?

I would say that the first would look more reliable because he cares about doing things properly.

Now a days linked in and other social media websites are very beneficial in getting new clients. Give it a try!