Why do some folders have an underscore at the front?


What does putting an underscore at the beginning of a folder name do? Other than mean they tend to sort to the top of a list, of course.


It doesn’t ‘do’ anything in particular. Personally, I sometimes use an initial underscore for subdirectories that aren’t meant to be used publicly. I can also use this method for subdirectories in my local (development) environment that shouldn’t be FTP’d to the production server. The initial underscore helps by (a) keeping those directories sorted separatele and (b) providing a visual clue that they are ‘special’.


I was hoping it would mean they are not “seen” by bots etc, or might be ignored when running diagnostics that look for unused classes or broken links.

No, you can’t rely on them being hidden just because they’re prefixed with an underscore. It’s more for your own sake – to indicate that those directories are somehow ‘special’.