Editing posts

sorry, but I find it pretty messed up that you can neither edit nor remove your own posts… what if by mistake you post something for any no. of reasons you didn’t want to post (proprietary code/content or whatever…) sorry, but you should be able to correct stuff like that, even hours after you post it… :frowning:

(I know you can edit for a few mins after you post, but well, this is not helping me at this point…:wink:

You can post a clarification if need be. You have about half an hour to edit a post, I believe, which is plenty for typos etc. Leaving the door open permanently is too big a door to spammers etc. If it’s really important, you can flag a post for editing, but in general, the principle is to think carefully about what you post.

“flag the post for editing”???

thank you…

Click the orange flag to the bottom left of a post you want edited and make a request. That said, we don’t do a lot of editing or post removal, as it’s a lot of extra work that we don’t need, and usually not necessary. As mentioned, it’s fine to post a clarification, which is what you’d do in a normal conversation if you wanted to correct something you’d said.

ok, thank you Ralph…

report received and post edited :slight_smile:

thank you very very much!!

I really appreciate you guys doing this on a weekend…:slight_smile: