Why are my images no displayed


I have a javascript code which adds some images to a div.

        for(const image of data.images)
            let img = document.createElement("img");
            let ext = image.url.lastIndexOf(".");
            img.src = app.config.imageurl + "/" + image.url.substr(0, ext) + "_kl" + image.url.substr(ext);

and the DOM looks like expected:

but the images are not shown in the browser:


but when I call the url directly, the image is there:

So anyone has any idea what’s going wrong here?

Is that right? Or are you missing a period?

shouldn’t those urls have http:// on them? Otherwise wouldn’t it be looking at http://localhost:80/localhost:80//Itools2/images/*

Or is that just the way the safari developer tools renders the links?

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Ahh, you are right. I missed the HTTP

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