Who will win the World Cup 2014?

A number of strong teams are participating in the upcoming Fifa World Cup 2014, guys, which team are you picking to win ?
My prediction is 60/40 ie. Brazil and Argentina :slight_smile: :cool:

JSON will beat out both SOAP and REST

Germany :X

we will see dude, its goin to b tough competition for european teams dis time in america :slight_smile:

Brazil, maybe

Germany will only qualify group stage, and get eliminated in the knockout round…

As long as Spain doesn’t win again, everything is fine by me :smiley:

I’ll be happy if England make it into the knock-out stages

By the way, Spain is the only team which performed well in the confederations cup, unfortunately they were on the losing side.
Still they are strong contenders for the Title.

Excuse me? You’re orange with envy :smiley:

edit: @Mittineague; :lol:

Brazil and England in Final… <snip>

Australia will win for sure. I know this, because I’ve bet my life’s savings on it. :shifty:

I bet Germany too :smiley:

i bet for Brazil. The all time favourites.

Germany or Brazil are most likely to win the world cup 2014



OK - so that’s a useless answer. I know nothing about football and I’m just naming a team. But it’s as good as most of the other replies. I’d like to know why people believe a particular team has the best chance of winning. A list of replies stating Brazil or Germany and nothing else is of very little interest. :frowning:

Germany will won the world cup 2014

It seems that nobody wants to add more conversation to this thread, just the name of his fav team. I’m closing the thread

Best of luck to all players and teams :smiley: