Who is your Favourite hollywood actress?

who is your Favourite hollywood actress? mine is Salma hayek and Katrina Jetajones. and also Megan Fox.
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my favorite is Angelina jole.

Meryl Streep is the greatest actress who ever lived. Hands down.
Cher was also a very very talented actress in all her roles. (I never liked her singing much.)
Nicole Kidman is good. As are Emma Thompson and Judi Dench. Jodie Foster has done amazing work, and Christina Applegate is as marvelous an actress as she is a top ten forever hottie.

ted apostoleris

errrmmm. Sorry, inside joke.

Meryl Streep

I have too many to name.

Anglina Jolie and Pamela Adreson . I know pamela is old but still she is gold for me .

My favorite actress is Obama.

I like Anglina Jolie.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead :slight_smile:

Kate Beckinsale or Nicole Kidman.

Kate Winslet has them both beat for bravery in roles chosen, but she’s not as purdy.

I consider all 3 pretty brave. Well Beckinsale more beautiful than brave I guess.

On just plain hawtitude, I think I’ll go Rhona Mitra

Bridget Fonda

My favorite actress is Jessica Alba, she looks great ad always keeps me watching. She’s been in a lot of great movies, she’s had a pretty good career.

Jessica Alba and Mila Jovovich!:slight_smile:

Emma Thompson.

That’s rubbish. If the spammers and linkbuilders didn’t come here, this place wouldn’t die. The vast majority of posters are genuinely looking to help, get help or have an interesting discussion or learning experience.

That is, in every forum on this site except General Chat. :wink:

The sad fact is that none of the people mentioned here are really “actresses”. They are little more than walking T&A that can deliver a few lines. :lol:

While true… “Link Building” practices are the only thing that keeps most forums alive! (drawn from personal experience):slight_smile:


My favorite is Angelina Jolie, Sundra bullock.

Its impossible for me to choose just one. :slight_smile: I am currently in love with Emma Stone.

Hard question, maybe Rachel Bilson