Who does the best free Joomla templates?

People have discussed who does the best templates, but I am interested in who provides the best free templates. Cream Design is pretty good, any other suggestions?

Depends on the site.

If it’s free it can be made by anybody.
ex: I do the best template ( from your point of view ) and I placed on my blog. But I’m not a provider of templates. I just did one.
so a search on google would be the best: free joomla templates - as you are looking one template ( which can be made by different providers ).

I know this is old thread and the the thread creator may not be available but there are many people who use forum only for reading purpose.They might come on this thread any time.So what i found the best site for this purpose is this www.templatemagician.com/category/Joomla-templates Although there are many others but i like them because i got some good templates from there.Thanks