Which WordPress SEO Plugins to install?

Can anyone recommend which WordPress among the existing SEO Plugins is good to install in a WordPress Blog? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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There is a SitePoint article reviewing different plug-ins, which you might find helpful:

I would also strongly advise that you search the forums before posting, as this question has been asked multiple times before, and you may well find there is already sufficient information available. For example:

Best SEO plugins for WordPress



I don’t know exactly which SEO plugin is best but when buy a wordpress theme just install All in one SEO plugin. It is very helpful and i am using on my site.

I would go with Yoast! - To me it is the most updated SEO plugin that most of the people use.

To all posters:

@syfsupps is asking for recommendations. So please don’t just post a plug-in name; take the time to explain why you are recommending it. Why did you choose that particular plug-in over any other one? Posts with insufficient detail may be removed as fluff.

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Thank you so much @TechnoBear, I am actually reading it now. :slight_smile: Hmmm… @haniyabilal2 and @sujata1 you two have different take and thank you for your suggestions. I will look into it and read the links shared by @TechnoBear and maybe after that I might have more knowledge and insights on which one to use. Thanks a lot folks for sharing your experiences on different SEO Plugins.


Your welcome! If you want any help regarding this just message me.

Thank you all… Just an update, I have started using Yoast last week and still learning how to make use of it. It’s quite confusing at first but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. :smiley:

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Just from personal experience, I have always enjoyed using the WordPress SEO by Yoast, which will guide you in the areas you should focus particularly on like title tag, meta description, and headers (H1, H2, H3, etc) and create input boxes beneath your WordPress editor so you can quickly add the title and description information. The All-in-One SEO for WordPress also gets the job done. I would check out those two and see which you feel more comfortable with.

Hi All,

I think seo plugin is not helping you in off page seo. I use All in one seo Plugin for my clothing website.All in One Seo plugin just give us facility of on page Seo. But it helps me to add title, description and keyword of my website.

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I think some of the plugins that you must definitely install in your site is Yoast. This helps in optimizing all your posts in an effective and proper manner with meta titles and descriptions. I have also used it on my site and it has really worked well for me.

I would like to suggest All-in-one SEO plugin for WordPress. It is very simple and easy to understand. Actually, I’m currently using this plugin for my WordPress site.

Thanks @liasa, as I mentioned on my update here, I have used Yoast already and quite getting used to it already. I hope whatever I have been tweaking on it would help my site a lot. :slight_smile:

Hi @haniyabilal001, thanks for sharing your insights. I have used Yoast already and Im liking it. :slight_smile:

Hi @AjitKhodke, thanks for sharing your experience with All-One SEO. But I have already used Yoast already and I’m liking it. :slight_smile:

I just have a question for all though, is it possible to use Yoast and All in one SEO plugins together? Just curious.

I am using mainly 2 different SEO plugin for WordPress. 1st one is WordPress SEO & 2nd one is Yoast’s WordPress SEO. But I prefer to use Yoast because some time WordPress SEO make some trouble to change Home page Tile, description etc. So you can use Yoast’s WordPress SEO without any hesitation.

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yoast Seo plugin is the best option for wordpress seo plugin
Yoast Seo also have focus keyword option for meta keyword optimization.

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I use Yoast SEO which is quite good and easy to use. Its free edition if complete enough, to me the biggest limitation is that you can set 1 keyword per page at time.
In any case if you plan to do proper seo optimization on your site, Yoast plugin is not enough, you should use other tools as well.


You mention that different between two plugin like “WordPress SEO” & “Yoast’s WordPress SEO”. You sure about that? Yoast’s WordPress SEO is better than normal WordPress SEO. If yes, so please tell me that Yoast’s are free or paid plugin, and how can I get for my wordpress? :slight_smile:

@seoadamwatson1 as my point of view Yoast plugin more is more than user friendly. You can find the both plugin free or paid version. As general use you can try free one. If you want more features then you can go for paid version