Which websites would be beneficial

Hi want to know which sites would be beneficial for my SEO. There are some old techniques and i don’t know about new techniques yet. All replies welcome

Welcome to the forums, @steveburman.

When you ask which sites would be beneficial, do you mean to learn from? If that’s the case, I’m a great believer in going straight to the horse’s mouth.

Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” is a great place to start.

You should also take a look at:



Google in particular has a huge amount of advice and information available, either as help documents or YouTube videos, and the advantage of following advice from there is, of course, that you needn’t worry about whether or not it’s sound, or if following it may cause problems for your site.

Yes, by the time you go through this channel you’ll know a lot.

And there is Matt Cutt’s blog

Thanks for you reply and i appreciate that but i am asking about the list of website or niche of website where i can work on. in recent updates they say that press release are harming website’s ranking so do directories that’s why am asking about the niche/list.

I was thinking more about this one:

You mean for link-building? Link-building has pretty much fallen out of favour, and you should be concentrating on link earning. In other words, concentrate on creating great content so that other sites choose to link to yours. Links which you can place yourself are regarded as virtually worthless by search engines, and if done to excess, can harm your site. (Again, I would recommend reading what the search engines themselves say on the subject.)

This might help.

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