Which SEO tools do you regularly use?

Which is the best SEO tool for regular use…

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Welcome to the forums, @sarwar. smile

Why don’t you get the discussion started by telling us which tools you use, and why?

To all posters:

A list of tools with no comment or explanation is of no interest to anyone. By all means share your favourite tools, but please take time to explain briefly what you use them for and why you like them.


Not to mention what part of SEO you’re trying to focus on. “SEO tool” is a very broad category…


For what SEO part do you want SEO tools?
Like for SEO, SMO, SMM or content creation or validation or competitors analysis?
or daily ranking tracking.

I use SEM rush on regular basis for the competitive analysis. I also use Google analytics to know about which campaign is driving more relevant traffic to our website.