Which tool do you like most for SEO?

Many tools are available for SEO. My question is which tool do you like most?

I like Google Analytics and you?

I like & recommend Google analytic too.

I use Google only because it is free and shows the better results then others.

I have my own custom program that tracks inbound links hit, and i used it in conjunction with Analytics and Alexa, that gives me the most accurate readings that i can get. TAKE THAT HAH :wink:

link watcher to see my competitors inks

There is no doubt on it… Google Analytic tool are the best tool …!

I also use Google Analytics, it provides all the data I need. Sometimes I used Raven tools. Its also free!

I think google analytics is the best tool for SEO.

I used both Google Analytic & statsCounter !!

Google Analytics is fine and important, yes … but there are some other things that you can´t do or measure with it:

  1. your backlinks, backlink anchor texts, domain / link popularity
  2. your keyword rankings and ranking development
  3. observe your competition
  4. search for new keywords, keyword combinations…

There are many other things you should know about the performance of your seo projects (e.g. social media performance), but I think, these are the most important ones.

  1. I use ahrefs.com to check and observe backlinks and my backlink development. For my German customers, I use [URL=“http://www.sitefactor.de”]sitefactor.de
  2. rank tracker
  3. again sitefactor and other simple tools and features like google alerts, watch that page, …
  4. google keyword tool, google trends, keyword eye, sitefactor, …

I think SEO quake,backlinkwatch and yahoo site explorer are some important tools in SEO.

There are various types of tools(e.g. Keyword analysis tool,traffic analysis tool,keyword rank checking tool,sitemap generation tool,competator analysis tool,back link checking tool etc.) we are using in SEO.Your question is for which type of tool ?

I like seomoz bar, it helps me to find the links of my competitors.


I prefer just my eyes head and hands (oh and my keyboard of course)

I don’t really do links other than within my own sites and the odd friends sites and clients sites though

I think google analytic and webmaster tools is very important for seo point of view.

There are lots of website seo tools available here… but I like to most google analytics, google keyword research tools, backlinkwatcher, google webmasters tools… these are the free tools…

More than 90% SEO’s use Google analytics, It gives whole information regarding traffic and you can compare on the daily result using this. It is totally free and user friendly. I also use it and suggest.

I like to Semrush. Long time I have been searched for a program that could help me with the search words. Some time ago, friend advised me semrush. Council was successful!

im using google analytics, statcounter, seoquake, ibp, backlinkwatch, seobook rank checker, etc

SEO Quake is priceless, even though it’s free :). For software, I use Traffic Travis and Market Samurai every day. There’s not shortage of awesome software available.