Which is the best VPN to use with xbox360

I am using a VPN for my computer but i am looking for a VPN for xbox360. This one is not working with xbox360.

That’s because the one on your computer, likely runs on your computer yes? You need one at your router if you want it to cover other devices too. For that, you need to look in your router settings to see what VPN options (if any), it supports and that will tell you what options you have.

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Haven’t play console games since I was a kid. Didn’t even know they use vpn :slight_smile:

Hey! @cpradio is right, you need to consider a router for many VPNs. Another option would be to consider a VPN that supports multiple platforms if you are okay with getting a new one. Personally, I use express vpn and they support essentially all my devices, including my 360.

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Yeah @cpradio the best ones probably the paid ones, personally me I am using Nordvpn easy to set up on several devices, and has good reviews as well, sometimes they have great deals, so it is cheap as well. Here some more information https://nordvpn.com/get maybe there will be some deals cos of black Friday. Good luck playing!

try the paid version
maybe it can help ur problem with game D

So far, some of best recommendations of VPN for Xbox console are ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

purevpn, nordvpn, privatevpn

@tom_us: a list like that is of no help to anyone.

Why are you recommending these particular services? What is it about them that makes you think they would be most suitable for the OP’s needs?

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1 purevpn
2 express vpn
3 nord vpn
4 HideMyAss vpn
you can use any one of them