Which is better php or python?

hi i am new to web developing and i am not sure which to choose i mean python or php.
so my question is among two which one is more powerful ?
and which one is providing better opportunity in the future ?

i also done some, INTERNET research among these tow developing language - and end up being confused so i decided why don’t i ask a expert .

any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

i also bought a domain name through godaddy which i use to forward to another domain, my referral link but whenever i try to approach this new domain name from “https” it does not works. any suggestion

Hi @mybeeflix I think this question calls for a long debate. People who like Python will say Python and the same for PHP. I’d say PHP because it has been evolving really fast and all hosting providers support it. It powers around 80% of the web and it’s not going anywhere

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Hey @mybeeflix,

I think it really depends what your goals are. If you’re mainly interested in developing web sites/applications then PHP is a good option; as @Andres_Vaquero said, it’s very popular and it’s not going anywhere.

Python is more of a general purpose language than PHP. It can be used to write web apps, but also lends itself to writing system utilities, doing data processing and statistical analysis, and other tasks. If you’re interested in working with big data or machine learning then Python is probably a better choice.

Having said that, once you’re proficient in one then learning the other won’t be difficult. You’ll be a much better programmer in the long run if you don’t limit yourself to a single language. :slight_smile:


As far as web developing is concerned, both languages are very mature and can produce outstanding results. They are similar to racing cars… it is the driver that wins and not the type of car.

Try both and see which you prefer because it is a lot easier to program with a language that you enjoy.

Research will reveal conflicting opinions and ultimately it will be your choice.

Now that you have your own domain try creating a website that uses both languages. I have just obtained a free domain and finding Python quite difficult because of my inexperience. It does appear that Python script is far cleaner and easier to read. Both languages can create web-pages with links to either Php or Python to render the HTML script. Your mission for today is to be bilingual :slight_smile:


I smile when others say they choose Python (or Ruby) because of its cleaner syntax. I’ve dabbled in Python, Java, and Windows ® coding for the purpose of integrating with my OS to have personal desktop apps.

I have little to no doubt they could be used for web pages, just as PHP could be used to integrate with my OS, but I am most familiar with using PHP for web and Java for desktop apps so that’s what I typically do.

TBH, I’m a bit surprised that Perl isn’t more popularly used, as it seems to be a good “middle” choice.


I’ll just copy/paste this from a thread earlier today…

It depends…

  1. on who you talk to
  2. on the market you are looking to work in
  3. on your background and skillset
  4. on the requirements of the job. There are somethings that each do better than the other.

This question is like asking

  1. What’s better? Peanut butter or jelly?
  2. What’s better? Soccer/Football or American Football?
  3. What’s better? Steak or Lobster?

You’ll not get definitive answers on this because there are too many factors which sway opinions.


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