Which Language?

Hello all,

I wanna suggestion from sitepointers’. I know PHP, but php is not giving me much scope, though a very good language. But I wanna learn another language.

Which one would be better Python or Ruby. Actually I wanna develop cross platform desktop application as well web applications too.

So, which language would serve the purpose better, lightweight and if not much learning curve then better (but not an issue either). Any other language apart from these two(except perl)?

Both Python and Ruby would work well for cross-platform development and, considering you already know PHP, fairly easy for you to learn. People will disagree about whether Python or Ruby is “better”, so I would try a few small projects in each to determine which you prefer yourself. You cannot make a wrong decision between these two (and I wouldn’t really consider anything else).

Agreed with ethan. Python’s got frameworks for both web and desktop applications… Ruby likely has the same.

It’s probably going to come down more to coding style you prefer than anything else. Check out some of the frameworks out there for both to see if any particular one catches your eye.

Python is better because its prettier and has better frameworks just look at all the sites and apps that use python blender, maya the list goes on

Even though I prefer Python, I think how “pretty” or “better” it is depends on the developer. I would still recommend trying both Python and Ruby because you might find a passion in either of them and go on to create amazing stuff.

So, u guys are saying, Python will be offering much scope ?

But I’m kinda blown away with the hype of Ruby, I’ve now started to read some tuts about both of them.

But still not able to decide where to go.

But I’m kinda blown away with the hype of Ruby, I’ve now started to read some tuts about both of them.

Frankly, I’ve heard way more hype over Ruby frameworks like Rails than Ruby itself. Don’t let hype determine anything.

Just go through any of the for-beginners-who-already-know-basic-programming for Python, Ruby, or whoever, and I think their styles are different enough that you’ll immediately like one over the other (maybe not).

Certainly you can do plenty in Python. There are a gazillion and one frameworks, styles, applications…

For Python you’ll probably be most intereted in PyJamas.

I remember reading about client-side Ruby implementations (as text/rtml) but don’t know of any specific project being worked on.