Which is better for Live Web chat: Node.js or Websocket and an Example


We want to create a Live Web chat type of service. So that for example"
1- when a member loads a page, all other members on that page already are notified of the new members
2- when a member posts a message all others on that same page are shown same message

1- Which is better for implementing this service? Node.js or Websocket
2- Or is Websocket a part of Node.js!

And can you provide a simple clean Example of a Web chat done in Node.js or Websocket

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WebSocket is a part of JavaScript!

OK, thanks.
So then to create a Live Web Chat service we should focus on Node.js, with Websocket being a technology in Node.js toward this development. Right?

So then: can you provide a simple clean Example of a Web chat done in Node.js?

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Hi Pullo,

Have you yourself developed a Web page which page was live with data going back and forth from it to the server?
Which is what Node.js via its Websocket feature does?

So I looked at the above pages and cannot make sense out of them.
What I am looking for is an example which says put this Code on your Client between Javascript tags, or between some new Node.js tags, if it is different than Javascript tags, call this function to send data to your server via Websockets and THEN put this Code on your Server which gets the data from clients and processes it and boradcasts it back out to all the clients and THIS is how this Server side Code would write this (processed) data to the MySQL Table. Can you point me to such example?


You might want to read up on Node. It’s server-side JavaScript environment and in this sense doesn’t really have “tags”.

I think your best bet at this point is to hire someone. I don’t personally have time (sorry).

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