Which Google Maps API should I use?


I am working on a small development project for a website as a learning opportunity. We’re trying to acquire locations from users linkedin accounts and drop a pin on a Google map as a way to keep this specific set of users networked (as per submission to request this service via a web form.)

I’m trying to figure out how to do this. When I jump into the google maps api page (http://code.google.com/apis/maps/) though, there are many different apis for different applications and I can’t decide which to use.

Of the five listed, Maps Javascript API, Static Maps API, and Web Services seem to make sense for this project. What would you recommend? Any other pointers? I’m not much of a developer but I want to become one! Thank you.

(Also sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Move as you see fit, admins. Thank you.)

If you want to show a map, you’ll probably want either the static maps API or the Javascript API depending on how interactive it needs to be.

It sounds like the Static maps API should work. All we need is to pull the location from the person’s linkedin and display a map with their location(s) on it. No interactivity beyond that.

If that’s not right feel free to continue advising, thanks for the help!