Which 2010/11 wp carousel with dynamic content for client?

Hi, I have a client who wants a carousel of images to showcase her work. She wants to be able to upload images to the carousel or change them or delete them from the carousel. Mainly this carousel will be the portfolio piece for her art.

Which wp plugin carousel would you recommend i use?
And what user status would she need (author, editor, etc) ?

thanks in advance

I would suggest Simple Portfolio. It is the one the fits the most in what you want to do. I would think that she would need to be an editor, at least, if she wants tto be able to publish anything herself but I’m not sure. An author will be able to create content, but it would have to be approved first.

The truth is that I always access as an administrator so… can’t tell.

It seems static, can it be fed into jCarousel?

I don’t know JCarousel but I would assume that with a bit of customization it would be possible. Yet, I don’t know for sure. I haven’t used JCarousel. Still any type of showcase created with Javascript simply makes the screens (or info) and loads the next project/picture/video after a few seconds. I don’t know why it could not be fed with the info in simple portfolio.