Can i add a slide show to a custom made wp page

not sure I can do this.
created a side div.
brought it into the main template using

<?php get_template_part('sideCo') ?> 

I would like to have a carousel/rotating series of linked imagethat display in that component.
I don’t see a tag for it in the wp codex. But then again I could be looking at the wrong term for it.
Anyone has this? Not a plugin?

There is this plugin called carousel without jetpack. It can help you out.

Hello Harrie, thanks for the reply and for the links to the menu to category as well.
will check them out, i also went and ordered sitepoint own’s make your own wp theme. so hope that will help as well.
as for the the carousel. I was hoping there was a way to do all of this w/out plugins.