Whether to add a blog or a forum in the website

Actually i am very beginner type of guy in between you all experts the question i want to ask will kind of look funny to you all so as my website there are two things i want to ask

  1. whether a forum or a blog will be beneficial for my website
  2. How to create a forum …cause i have searched so many things but havent got the result to build a forum.
    i have very much enthu for learning new things and applying in the real world.
    Hope the admin of this website doesnt get angry due to this question.

Any kind of help would be preferred every guy in here is much smarter than me thats for sure
the website i have created is kind of incomplete by i am doing it day by day…have much more space left in my web space need to utilize it… even anyone have some ideas about that help me out

That very much depends on you and your site.

If you add a blog, you need to update it regularly. That doesn’t necessarily mean frequently. You could write a post once a month, if that’s all you can manage. Just make sure your readers know how often to expect new content, so they don’t check back too frequently and then give up because they see nothing new.

So if you decide to add a blog, you need to be sure you will be able to add new, unique and relevant content periodically.

A forum is probably even more work. First of all, you need to decide what kinds of areas your forum discussions will cover. Do you think you have enough regular, active visitors to your site from which to draw participants? If you don’t have people participating, you won’t have any content to draw in new members. So getting started will take time and effort, and if your forum does become successful, then you will need to moderate it, to prevent it filling up with Spam and other undesirable content.

Neither of these is a “quick fix” solution. Only you can decide whether you feel one of them would be worth the work you would need to put in.


oh… i guess currently the blog is a better choice.
Thank you for your time very much appreciate your help.

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