Where to start learning Ruby & Rails?


I just want to know if someone wants to start learning about web development with Ruby & Rails where should he start from if his background as following:

  • Knows how to iuse HTML
  • Knows a little bit of CSS
  • Just that ! (did not touch SQL or server side development before)

Now, where the beginning should be from? Ruby language for example? then what?
Is there a book that teach how to build a site with Ruby, Rails and MySQL?

Zed Shaw’s Learn Ruby The Hard Way is a good starting point: http://ruby.learncodethehardway.org/

Envy Labs has had immense success with CodeSchool.
Gregg is a big name in our local Ruby/Rails community.

The best resource I have seen are the official rails guides http://guides.rubyonrails.org/
Thorough, well maintained documentation on all the latest features.

I agree that Learn Ruby the Hard Way is a great resource, it’s where I went to pick up Python. I also suggest SitePoint’s Rails book, in their bookstore. It was a good read, and a good introduction to Rails concepts. For an introduction to Ruby, if you enjoy printed resources, the Pragmatic bookshelf series is great as well. Their book “Learn to Program” is a very basic but well written introduction to programming concepts in general, but using Ruby through-ought the book.

ya there are many books available . Even there are many links available on the internet which have a full guide for ruby-on-rails-development.i was searching by and i found a book named rubymine. i found it at a link in stack overflow.

I found loading Sinatra a good in road into Ruby and then Ruby on Rails. <snip/>