How much ruby should i learn for learning rails?

my skills: C/C++,HTML,CSS,Dreamweaver,Photoshop,Illustrator,Coral Draw,PHP

i want to know how much ruby should i learn to grasp rails?

i am having all the pdf of the books. Ruby itself is very much vast. so i want to know that for learning rails,should i go through each topic of Ruby?

In Pragmatic Agile Web Development with Rails 4th Edition, Ruby is introduced in 12pages only & in other books its 500+. please advice me what should i do.

Agile web development is great, you will be able to be productive with Rails even if you only know those basics.
All I had when I started was that book and the railsguides.

After you’re familiar with Rails you could read The Pickaxe Book if you want to dig into the language more. It will no doubt make you a better developer but it’s not required to get things done.

I would highly recommend reading about half of this book before venturing into rails. The problem with the Agile book is that it doesn’t really teach ruby. learning rails than going back to ruby just seems backwards to me. So I highly recommend learning at least some things about the language in the simplest of forms before venturing into rails. That is what I have done myself. Half of that book was really enough for me to feel confident with the language to start learning rails and understand the API docs/code snippets. I will probably pick-up that pick axe book next. The one thing I’m having difficulty understanding is the actual framework code looking at the git repo. I’m sure learning some more ruby itself would help with that. Than again all frameworks are a mammoth to understand so that comes with the territory I suppose.

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