Where to post travel related information in this forum

Hi i am a traveler and want to share so useful information about the hot tourists destinations in India so please let me know where do i post travel related information in this forum.

The short answer is: you can’t

This is a web development forum and we look spam very seriously. We don’t promote ourselves, and we don’t allow other to promote. That means that you can’t promote your business and those hot destinations here, in this forum.

General Discussions is the only place where we would discuss anything non-technical but, I insist, promotion in this forum is a no-no :nono:

Having said that, most forums don’t like that kind of posts. Basically, each forum is created with a purpose and not to promote whatever service/product company X sells. And, again, the people that visit a particular forum are interested in the subject the forum deals with… and not with anything else.

I mean that trying to promote a company in a forums anything but smart because:

a) people are fed up with this kind of spammers (yep, they’re spammers who don’t know that they’re spammers yet they are)
b) this people in particular are not interested on that service/product. It is not related with their interest when they visit that forum
c) everybody wants to do the same and if everybody could promote themselves the forum wouldn’t be a forum but an advertising space.

These are only three reasons but I could give you many more why you shouldn’t do it.

Of course, try it around here and your post will be deleted within hours and you will very likely be banned :slight_smile:

No hard feelings. It is not personal.