Where to Obtain Thousands of Portrait and/or Landscape Images?

I have a few large sites (millions of pages) that are primarily machine-organized content. They’re doing pretty well now by themselves, but are, well, bland without a variety of graphics. I’m looking for someplace where I can find thousands (if possible, hundreds of thousands, actually) of images that I can match to keywords out of a database, in two categories:

1.) Portraits: just head-shots of various historical figures, celebrities, movie stars, etc.

2.) Landscapes: just some pretty stuff that I can overlay with text using GD to make the site more pleasant to look at. Sunsets, underwater, fireworks, etc.

It doesn’t have to be free, but does need to be economical at volume. A lot of pictures of historical figures seem to be in public domain, but not in volume that I can find. Any leads from ye veteran webmasters?

Google “stock photos”. A good freebie site I use is http://sxc.hu

Try photoxpress.com, it’s a free site, the images are big and you can use it anywhere you want.

Thanks guys. I’d checked both of these sites, also tried dreamstime.com and a few others. The big issue is really just the volume that I want… the best thing any of these sites seem to offer is the “25 photos a day” sort of thing; whereas in an ideal world, I’d just pay to download a .zip of 5000 nice landscape photos or celebrities organized by name and be done with it. Manually saving images one by one just isn’t very realistic for this project.

I’ve contacted a few of them as such a bulk solution seems to be in the best interest of both parties, but haven’t heard much yet.

That’s what I was going to suggest. These companies are often willing to help out with special requests. I would imagine that they’d be receptive to a bulk buying request like this.