Free High Quality Photos?

Any one knows where I can download some high quality photos to demonstrate on a album website that I’m creating?

you can use phtoexpress or photo bucket they provide qualty images free and purchasable. THere are several others those are just the 2 i use the most.

thanks for ll the replies these are going to help

Im also looking for some medieval time images any one have any ideas on that

Hi bikerboys, welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

These are some handy ones:

This one also has links to some free sites:

One example is:

Another example is:

Looking for a few places to get free images to use on websites

If you don’t plan on selling them (as part of a package or on their own) there’s some great open source images out there. FlickR for example licenses all of their content as such, and depending on the license you could certainly make use of them in your project to showcase how the images would appear. :slight_smile:

i got it from post on smashing magazine

i think its free to use for any purpose

Some of the major microstock sites (like dreamstime and [URL=“”]bigstock) have free sections that contain thousands of images.