Where to find this plugins (CRUD) table

Hi, can you help me where i can find these kind of plugin that has add,edit,delete functions.

Thank you in advance.

Hi jemz,

These operations are referred to as CRUD (Create Read Update Destroy).
Assuming you want to interface with a database (so as to persist data), you’ll need to use a server side component.

Here’s a good starting point using node.js: http://teknosains.com/i/simple-crud-nodejs-mysql

Hi pullo thanks for this links.:slight_smile:

There is also another really powerful one out there that I don’t think relies on jQuery but I can’t recall what it is named and it’s irritating me.

Edit: I believe I was thinking of jqGrid though I recall the documentation being much different several years ago :confused:

Hi,Thank you for the links :slight_smile: