Where do you get free photos from?

HI folks,

Can anyone tell me if there is a site where I can get free photos to use as a background on my site? They need to be a high resolution.


Flickr. Make sure to ask permission either in comments or directly.

My favourite way to find photos is to go to google and search for ‘“keyword” site:flickr.com’

edit: just noticed you mention high res… I guess you’d have ask them for a high res version…It might be easier to just buy photos. Quality photos are quite affordable in my opinion.


Also, check out deviantart. Many members provide backgrounds for your use. Of course the best thing is to create your own.

I would also check out this website, it has images licensed under Creative Commons (safe to use):


Flickr is the one that you must visit and search for some pictures that will suits the background for your site.

However you can’t get free photos from Flickr. It depends on the poster. My photos are protected and no one can use them without written permission from me. Just don’t go and grab any photo without first asking the photographer.

I was using google images but got in trouble one time. A site actually contacted me and told me i could not use the image. From now on i have been using everystockphoto.com and contacting sites for permission to use images that are copyright.

For web design on websites, I use www.pdphoto.org or www.sxc.hu/index.html

Yes, that’s because using someone else’s image without license or permission is copyright theft, so I doubt anyone is surprised you got a slap on the wrist. :wink:

The best place to get images for your site is from your own digital camera. That way they are not just repeats of the same small number of photos that are allowed to be used free of charge.

Allfreebackgrounds has some good free backgrounds to use. I guess if you are worried about copyright just alter them using a paint program. There are lots of free ones around too like GIMP

One thing is much clear that if you need photos than you would better click it through you own way, better take it from a Cam, as there are free photos sites… but this makes a copyright issues with the websites.

Thank you guys for all your free advice. I have been looking for a nice logo for a few days.

To Fellgall,

Is this the way you would make a nice photo or get a free logo?

For photos taking them yourself where possible is always best.

For logos each has to be unique and will be created in a graphics program. You may use some free clipart images as the starting point but you’d need to heavily edit it so that those images are no longer recognisable in the final result.


While that is the accepted policy for most people, some of us don’t have very good graphical minds (in terms of producing images or in terms of quality photography) and for that we use stock items (though I don’t use free stock photos). I tend to use paid for stock photography from quality sources as it decreases the likelihood of “mass distribution” of that image all over the web. I really should get round to learning how to produce graphics! :slight_smile:

You don’t really need high quality photos for the web since the web is a very low resolution media anyway. As for working out appropriate images you could always study a whole heap of stock protos of whatever it is you want to decide how you want the photo to look and then go out and try to take your own equivalent. If that doesn’t work I guess paid stock photos is the best fallback.

I’ve seen a couple of Designers use Google images… probably not the best idea though ey ey :wink: