Free photos for design

Hi, where I can find free photos for design?
Give me a linklsllink!

You can access stock photo sites list from here.

I can add a few links to the answer…

The first one is my own list of free stock photos - has 35 entries so far.

In general, you may find lots of those websites - depending on what do you need more exactly… they differ by size and licensing - say, is the largest by now with different licensing and variable quality… i got one starting by myself, under creative commons license, but not too much items by now - conceptual collections.

thats where i get most of mine

Thousands for free at

[FONT=“Georgia”]Check out some of the threads in the Graphics section of Sitepoint. There are TONNES of links there.

Here’s a good place to start… [URL=“”]Free Stock Photography Websites


Photobucket. I usually used it when for image database. You can also customize your photos, add some graphics and effects.

You can find public domain photos (absolutely free) here:

Public Domain Photos

Public domains will be the best place to find free pictures.