Where do people get pictures for their blogs from?

I know some sites who offer this but where do you get them!? :smiley:

From my camera!

I always take my digi cam with me wherever I go, you never know when big foot will cross the road in front of you, or anything else you can utube or blog about will happen.

In fact, if I didn’t have a cam, I probably wouldn’t blog at all. It’s true “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

If you want to say something to people, why not give yourself a thousand word head start?

I don’t think you can link to a story as effectively with stock photos, as you can with photos you take yourself.

If you’re into something that can’t really photo, like web design, still I think you’re better off placing images of things you’ve done yourself, rather than using stock photos/graphics and trying to match something up with your story line.

There is a company that is teaming with news organizations to file lawsuits against those using copyrighted stories on blogs and websites.

The problem is that not only are they going after wholesale theft of complete news stories, they are going after forum owners whose members post news stories. And not even complete news stories. Even using a fragment for what many people consider “fair use” is generating attention from lawyers.

The United States is lawsuit land. Anybody can sue for anything. If you get sued, you are not necessarily entitled to attorneys fees should you win. That creates an incentive to settle lawsuits as cheaply as possible. And the lawyers know this. That’s what the company in the lawsuit is doing. They are suing and asking for an amount which would be about what it would cost the defendant to hire an attorney.

The link above is not about images, it is about news stories and fragments. News organizations are also trying to get information contained in news stories subject to copyright protections. If a news organization breaks a story, they want to prevent anyone from discussing that story even if they are not copying stories verbatim.

Under the current political environment which favors trial lawyers, expect this kind of lawsuit industry to continue to grow. Getty did it with images a few years ago. Now they are going after news stories. It will continue to expand.

If you are a non-American, you do not have to worry about this lawsuit free-for-all. But if you live in America, you are going to be targeted. Everyone is, even small bloggers. So doing anything that infringes copyrights in any way is not wise at this time.

That is why everyone must support reform of our copyright laws. :slight_smile:

Usually you can take every kind of picture from the web, but there is a website…now i can’t emember it, with professional pictures, all type of pictures, but realised in a really professional style; it helps for the businesse’s profile and logos.

most picture i take a photo by myself,i like to use myself picture.

Watermarking involve “stamping” your images in such a way that it can be identified as your images. Using a combination of the two is a very good way to make sure everyone realizes that you own the rights to your images.

Sorry, but editing a photo does not make it your own. It makes it a derivative work. You still could be held liable and legally responsible.

You can link from blog to blog, get them from other sites and give them credit, you can pay for you photos. It just depends on what photos you are looking to get. You can edit photos and make them your own.

If I need any Image than i prefer Google images.

  • Most of People hotlink them from other blogs or save them from other blogs
  • Good bloggers purchase images from istockphoto, shutterstock
  • Some bloggers combines the images from several websites then edit them using Photoshop or other image processing tools.

You can also get copyright free images from flickr, wikipedia etc but check the terms before using them, some require a credit.

I often get photos from free web graphics sites in the internet. Everything that has no copyright.

Good bloggers take their camera out with them and take the photos of what they are blogging about themselves.

After all why buy images (or worse steal them) from other sites. Using the same images as everyone else does just makes your blog one of the crowd.

If you’re looking for stock photos, you might check sxc.hu. I use them on occasion; they tend to be of a fairly high quality for being free. :slight_smile:

So what picture they need to take when they have a forum about website design, optimization and all ? :rofl:

I buy images from dreamstime - I find them to be a high quality stock photo provider and the prices are very reasonable.

There’s a lot of free pictures online, but some uses hotlinks on pictures without knowing that they could be deleted by Google(is they are on Blogger)…
I get pictures from FreeFoto.com and sxc.hu

I never bought pictures, but I do take them from flickr or just by googling. I don’t forget to put the original source link whenever I use any copyright images.But generally I do avoid.

I always get the pictures of my blog from google in their image section…