Got in to a Leagle issue! pls help

i have been blogging for last few months.i never miss to give credit to people where i quote stories.

today i have been notified from a company call ca+ters news for using two pictures of them in my blog.

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Notification :

Hi there, you are carrying our photographs on your website, featuring (the name of the girl in the picture goes here!).
The link is;

We need to agree a fee for these photographs so contact me at the email provided and we can arrange a fee.

i need you kind leagle advise to get ride of this issue :slight_smile:

Don’t use other people’s copyrighted items on your site. Just giving credit to where you stole the image from is not a defense unless there images are licensed to allow you to do so (which these are not).

Offer to take the pictures off your site, pay them, or potentially get sued.

You have no legal leg to stand on, you’re 100% in the wrong here.

thanks tke71709,

i prefer taking off the pictures then :slight_smile:

i prefer putting a notice to our visitors “The image has been removed by request.” hope this notice is ok.

Still no guarantee that they won’t sue you, but it’s a step in the right direction…

maybe put a link to where the image lives on the original site. Also how did they find the image out of millions of websites? did you change the alt tags on it?

Yes thom
i put my own alt targs, this is normal for all the images i use.
so how alt tag change helped them find the image? really interesting to know that :goof:



the latest is, i notify them that i removed the images. Now they have asking me $25 fine.
frankly, my blog still even not produced that amount. also i am south asian. here still no cyber related law’s enforced in my country. so i dont prefer paying a fine.

what do you say?

They can file a DMCA complaint with Google and Yahoo that will get your blog removed from the major search engines. If your web host does conform to copyright rules, they can also file a DMCA complaint with them and have your site removed from the Internet.

Oh thank you so much for the info shyflower :slight_smile:

Just tell them that it was a mistake and you will not do this again.
Hope they will not create problems for your after you apologize.

yah getereffs,
i told them blog has not made much yet, so its not possible to pay anything. but i will not using your images any more. so it seems they are ok with that and no further mails after that :slight_smile:

And what you should have learned from that is “giving credit” doesn’t make you OK. Using any image without license or express permission is copyright violation and carries with it the potential for legal action and hefty fines. I think you got lucky by the fact they were only going to charge you $25 for the use of the image, they could have requested thousands in damages (and whether your blog makes money or not is beyond the point - you are personally liable as an individual). :slight_smile:

Yes I agree completely. If I were you I would pay the $25 dollars and be happy that’s all they wanted.

You are lucky to get away with it this time, make sure you learn from this.