Where can I find inspiration for a band logo?

we decided to change our name the other day, and we need a new logo. since our genre is pretty much very rare and such, its hard to find an appropriate logo. theyre relying on me to draw it (since i drew the last one) but i cant find any inspiration. im looking for a kinda weird, trancey, spacey looking logo that’ll fit an old school jazz/death metal band.since we’re not in on the brutal gore and guts theme, we’re more about philosophy and though, hence our new name Transcendentalist. sorta like Atheist and Cynic. is there anything i can do to get some kinda of idea or inspiration for this design? cuz i made a few logos for other bands so im kinda stuck in a death metal logo phase. and, im not good with the font websites. i tried looking for cool stuff but i prefer complex logos without a defined base line (kinda like Atheist). plus, all the fonts i found suck lol

anything i could do to make this logo?
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We have a tonne of logo resources (including lots of posts about finding inspiration) on SitePoint. I did a quick search for you here.

Found some sites with band logo examples, maybe that will help - 50 most beautiful band logos ever, [URL=“http://www.pastemagazine.com/blogs/lists/2012/05/the-50-best-band-logos-of-all-time.html”]the 50 best band logos of all time

I don’t know any of them…