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  1. 6 Common Mistakes in Logo Design

    The logo is arguably the most important aspect of any brand to get right. It's intended to show the personality of a brand and instantly convey what the company does at a glance. Logos shouldn't ever be difficult to figure out, or it's pretty pointless having one - unless perhaps your target
  2. DesignFestival: Logo Brief: The London 2012 Education Logo

    In 2009, London 2012 ran a competition inviting young designers the opportunity to create a special version of the London 2012 logo. Designers aged between 16 and 21 were eligible to enter an “infill” for the existing London Olympics logo which will sit alongside the official and Paralympics logos
  3. Logo Arena - Crowdsource Your Logo Design To Get Best

    Can you imagine a brand or a company without a logo? I guess not. It would probably be like a person without identity. As we know, all of the top brands/companies have one thing in common: a great logo design. Designing the perfect identity is important and can make your brand and/or company
  4. Design a Modern Pictorial Logo in Illustrator

    Despite the inherent simplicity, logo design can be surprisingly difficult. Fitting in all of the necessary facets and considering all of the constraints can be a challenge for any designer. Attempting to invent new techniques for every new logo is a losing strategy; the best logos are based
  5. Interview: James Waldner & His Incredible Logo Designs

    Simplicity and clarity are the hallmarks of great logos, so when you find a designer like James Waldner who is able to articulate complex ideas through logo design, you take notice — and we have. James has a unique ability to create beautiful logos while maintaining an uncomplicated, easy
  6. Surviving logo design in the real world: Designing for Applying

    Continuing on from the last instalment in "Surviving logo design in the real world," Felix writes about designing logos for application. Most of the time as a designer, you will walk around with your logo radar on and find some intriguing logos -- some very nice and some not so nice. On a rare
  7. Fundamentals of Logo Design Part 2: Typographic Logos

    Last week, in the first part of this series on the fundamentals of logo design, we looked at some of the qualities that a good logo should have. When you’re getting started with logo design it can be helpful to think about the categories that logos fall into. These are: Typographic Type &
  8. Win $800 for redesigning the London 2012 Olympic Logo

    The London 2012 Olympic Committee logo. Released last week to critical acclaim (lighter on the 'acclaim', heavier on the 'critical'), so far it's been variously described as 'a dodgy set of legwarmers', 'a pink day-glo pig's abortion of a logo' and 'Lisa Simpson performing an obscene act'. Doesn't
  9. News Wire: Google's Colorful Logo, jQuery Reference, and more

    - Yahoo! launches surprisingly reasonably priced web hosting for small and medium sized businesses. Unlimited storage and bandwidth for $11.95 per month. Gallery: How Google Got Its Colorful Logo - The various iterations that the designer of Google's logo went through before settling
  10. DesignFestival: Showcase of Logo Designs from 20 Inspiring Designers

    Logo design is its own form of art. Designers must integrate branded colors, shapes, and even words into a logo all the while balancing minimalist designs that can be use on the web or on billboards. It’s certainly a challenge. This collection of logos represent a fresh batch of up and coming designers who have come up with some noteworthy concepts Read More: DesignFestival: Showcase of Logo Designs from 20 Inspiring Designers