What's Your Favorite SEO "Reporting" Tool?

I’ve been using Web Position for years only for the “reports” function (never use an auto-submitter!) so that I can plug in a domain name for a web site and 4 other competing web sites to see who has best placement for a variety of keyword phrases for a bunch of search engines at once.

I’m looking at trying Advanced Web Ranking and Search Engine Commando Pro. Do you use any of these? Prefer another?

Anyone know of a system like these that’s browser based instead of software installed on a pc?

Thanks in advance.

None of the above. They all use arbitrary factors to make their reports and rankings and they all seem to give weight to things that don’t matter. I would say use them for entertainment purposes only.

I’m missing something. The reporter function doesn’t add anything of its own to make up reports. It just shows positioning 1, 2, 3, 4, not found in first 30, of a particular page that comes up based on the keyword phrase you search with. Then when I go to the search engine manually and plug in the same keyword, yup, there’s the same page in the whatever position it said in the report.

You mean you manually visit the main database engines every week or month to plug in hundreds of keyword phrases to monitor your positioning? I could see doing that ten years ago as I did painstakingly, but today? Yikes, there are easier ways. Anyone have some ‘positive’ experiences with such software or know of a web-based app?

Sorry, I thought you meant how they analyze your site and give you advice. BTW, the auto-submiiter may be worthless but isn’t bad. It’s the reporting tool the search engines hate.

Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of that how the search engines hate the automated reporters. Kind of like us saying we hate to pay taxes. We know we have to do it and in the end we understand why. Search engines might hate it but they also know we must run such reports as an ongoing act of business. So, they put up with it.

Getting off track a bit. Would sure love to hear how some of you with 1000 pages or more are tracking your seo through the months. Why so quiet on this issue?

They don’t hate it arbitrarily. They hate it because it is scraping their site and eating up their system resources and bandwidth. Those tools violate their terms of service.

I try to avoid using using the reporting tools with Google but I will use them on the rest. It would be nice if the big SEs offered a subscription type of thing to those of us that do this for a living. Oh the point of the post I have not found one that makes me really happy I have used WebCEO and WebPosition Gold I am just now getting my head around Advanced Web Ranking but it looks pretty good so far.

>What’s Your Favorite SEO “Reporting” Tool?

The software between my ears

I definitely recommend Google’s tool and Niche bot as well. I’ve been using them for awhile now and l’m quite happy with it.

Google does - Google API is just this thing

as for the reports, yes, it is really practically impossible to track positions if you have several sites with hundreds of keywords.

I do not know any web-based app, but I use WebCEO for the reports. I like it because of possibility to use scheduler to run it and because of the clearness of the reports. They look professional so I do not need to change anything before leting my clients to see them (BTW it is really easy to share the reports with web ceo)

search engines should have a tool for reporting ranking within sitemaps area, if they hate tools.

There is no way to stop webmasters from getting their ranking report but provide them better alternative.

yeah, I never used all the shortcuts in dreamweaver either, until I got so busy it became a must. If I had to run reports on all the keywords and all of the search engines I care about for all of my clients I would have the most boring job in the world and I probably wouldn’t make my rent.

I would have the most boring job in the world and I probably would’nt make my rent

Ha, now we’re talkin’…

I always liked spyfu for competitive research reports for top rankings…

The SEO Centro is a decent tool that is browser based allowing to check the website’s ranking by keyword and I heard that there is also a platinum version that you can buy for reporting purposes. this is the website

I use google anlytics tool for reporting to the clients. With this you get all the data whether it is related to the traffic to the visitors. everything you can get with google analytics.

how would you use Google Analytics to rank a website by keywords though? That means asking to print a report on where a website stands for separate keywords? I’d love to know if Google A does in fact have this capability.

Backlink Checker

My favorite tool :slight_smile: :cool:

I’ve been testing out keeping most things within the SEOmoz pro tool lately, it has a pretty decent set of tools associated with it. The main advantage to me is that its all online, not on a single computer.

Generally i used Google Analytics for seo reporting. I don’t use any seo reporting tools till now, but now i will try.