What's the line meaning in wordpress?

the link:

#4410 (THEME: warm-home - 1.3)


Consider making the post link clickable in case the user does not make a post title.

what’s meaning of the above line? thank you,

You should write your code so that if a post is made without a title, there is still something to click to access the post in post lists such as the homepage.

i tried to publish an entry without title. and changed the theme to the default twenty, there is also no title and not clickable to the entry when i view the home page.

ps:in my theme, the post title is clickable .could you do a test to it, thank you.i don’t know why the theme review team gave me the RECOMMENDATIONS

anyone knows why? thank you

It would make it a better theme. That’s all the word recommendation means. You can make the recommended changes or not make them.

i want to alter the title to make it clickable. but I tried it and it’s fine. i want to know why they recommended me? could you do a test to the theme. and tell me how to improve it.(make the title clickable)many thanks.

Post link in your theme must be clickable, that is it must take user to add new post