How Do I Make A Post Title Post Clickable In Wordpress

I’m trying to find out how to make a post title clickable to
go to the site mentioned in the post how do I do that.

It’s probably a change you’ll have to make in the template you’re using.

What code would do this & which template in the theme
should I edit I use the NewsPublish 1.0 theme.

You want the title of the blog post to navigate to 1) the post itself or 2) to an external link in the actual post content?

If #1, the theme already does that when you make a new post. If #2 then, besides there being a lot of variables to consider, will require capturing the post content, extracting the href value of the link and manually making a new post title link (read: way too much work for something I don’t see as useful).

it clickable in all the themes expect when that post is opened

I was trying to make the title hyperlinked & clickable but I’ve given
up and just decided to put the link in the post.